What’s a Minor’s Trust?

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When you want to provide security and long-term plans for your young child, you should consider a minor’s trust. “Trusts for minors”, or minor’s trusts, are very specific types of trusts that are used to hold and distribute property or assets to minors once they reach the age of majority. This type of trust can be very beneficial when handled properly, providing you with a way to leave assets and property to your child.

Working with a professional team can help establish a plan in a way that safeguards your options and create a minor’s trust in a way that provides long-term security. If you need to establish a minor’s trust, know that we’re here to put your needs first.

Legacy Enhancement’s Role In Your Minor’s Trust

We know that any legal document can be confusing, even when it comes to establishing and managing your minor’s trust. Our team is here to assist you with some of the more complex aspects that may arise, including the following:

Distribution of Assets

We help distribute property, money, and other assets to any minors named as beneficiaries within the trust. Distribution can sometimes become complicated, but an experienced team can administer the trust as necessary.

Determine When and How Funds are Allocated

We can advise you in creating the minor trusts, providing you with guidance regarding how and when to distribute assets to beneficiaries. If an issue arises, we can also help you manage the problem to provide you with the most favorable solution.

Provide Guidance Should the Minor Pass Away

Some minor’s trusts name beneficiaries with disabilities or medical conditions. Should the minor pass away, determining what happens to the trust requires a skilled team that can explain all of your options.

At Legacy Enhancement Trust, we can help you with a minor’s trust and a special needs trust if you need one. We provide the most effective plan for you so that you can have peace of mind regarding your loved one’s long-term security. Trust us to be there to assist you with all creation and management.

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