Who is Eligible for a Special Needs Trust?

A special needs trust is a way to ensure your loved one with a disability will have financial security and care throughout their lives. Learn who is eligible for a special needs trust and why you should create one.

Special Needs Trust Beneficiaries

Special needs trusts are designed to benefit those with physical or mental disabilities who lack the ability to manage their own finances. They are created with the unique needs of the disabled individual in mind, including medical expenses, special care or appointments, rehabilitative treatment, and more.

Special needs trusts are designed to ensure the beneficiary continues to receive the government assistance and benefits they require, in addition to the funds allocated to them through the trust.

With a pooled special needs trust, the assets are typically managed by a non-profit association which pools funds from multiple families and invests it. Each beneficiary has their own account and appointed trustee. Selecting a trustee for a special needs trust is an important decision, and if there is no one in your family who would be a good choice, a pooled trust is an alternative option.

Interested in a Special Needs Trust? We Can Help

Establishing a special needs trust provides a future for your loved one who lives with a disability. At Legacy Enhancement Trust, we offer the same expert level of pooled special needs trust administration found at much larger banks and trust corporations, but with a more personalized level of service.

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