Minor's Trusts: Protecting Your Child’s Future

Minor's Trusts: Protecting Your Child’s Future

Establishing a minor's trust is a good way to provide for your child’s future, particularly if they face a disability. Get the facts on how minor's trusts work and why you should establish one now.

How Minor's Trusts Work

A minor's trust allows you to leave assets and property for your child or young relative until they reach the age of 18. Until that time, the trust’s assets are managed by a designated trustee. Minor trusts can be particularly useful if your child or young loved one lives with a disability and will have expensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, and special dietary needs throughout their lifetime.

At Legacy Enhancement, we can help you through the various steps of establishing a minor'st trust, and assist in the maintenance and administration of the trust. We can help you:

  • Manage financial distributions for minors

  • Determine when beneficiaries will receive funds

  • Determine how funds will be allocated

  • Create necessary trust documents

  • Assist with 2053(c) trusts to avoid gift taxes

  • Determine what will happen to the trust should the minor pass away

Need Help Establishing a Minor's Trust? Call Us Today

It’s never too early to establish a minor's trust. Doing so will give you peace of mind knowing your child’s future is protected in any eventuality. At Legacy Enhancement, we offer low costs and fees for minor's trusts. We can answer any questions you have throughout the process and provide reassurance that your child’s interests are protected long-term.

To learn more about establishing a minor's trust, contact Legacy Enhancement Trust at (888) 988-5503 today!

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