Bad with Money? Enrolling in a Pooled Trust Can Help

Managing money is hard for most people, but it’s especially difficult for those with disabilities and special needs. For some special needs individuals, the complications stem from not having the mental capabilities to handle their own finances. For other special needs individuals, financial difficulties arise from the stress of handling hospitable bills and government regulations.

If this is you or a loved one you know, consider enrolling in a pooled special needs trust!

How a Pooled Special Needs Trust Helps

A Legacy Enhancement pooled special needs trust helps people manage money in several ways.

Economic benefits of a pooled special needs trust include:

  • Disbursements can only be used for approved goods and services;
  • Money in a pooled special needs trust is invested by money managers, and beneficiaries receive earnings based on their share of the principal;
  • Financial statements are automatically sent to beneficiaries every quarter and online access is available for real-time balance information;
  • Legacy Enhancement works with beneficiaries to retain their government benefit recipient status.

Talk to a Trust Manager Today

Legacy Enhancement can handle trusts of all sizes, which means no amount is too small or too large! If you’re ready to maximize your earning potential while retaining your government benefits, a Legacy Enhancement trust manager is ready to help.

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